Before starting the journey, it’s wise to plan ahead. We offer our Roadmapping service as a way to help you understand what's different about your project, where you’re going, how long it will take, how much fuel (budget) you should expect to use, and what risks face you along the way.

After our session, you’ll receive a report that will help you in creating an effective business marketing plan.

Here’s what to expect from your Roadmapping session...


You: We’ll go into more detail about you, your brand, your audience, and your business model.

The Problem: Our team will work as your personal business consultant for your project, and precisely what business problems lie behind it.

The Payoff: We’ll dive into your project in more detail, and establish exactly how you need to approach your business marketing plan so it can be financially beneficial to you and yield a return-on-investment.

Assess risks and priorities

After we’ve learned as much as we can about your project and what you want tomorrow to look like, we’ll assess and analyze the risks in moving forward. Your team and ours will bring forward anything that could keep this project from being successful — maybe the timeline’s too tight, or there will be a degree of research and experimentation needed.

Our goal here is to systematically identify anything that could cause your online presence strategy to fail, and then spend the rest of our session together mitigating these risks.

Define roles

What type of people will be interacting with this project? We’ll learn about your ideal audience, and attempt to gain a better understanding of who your target is.

Define actions

What core interactions will each of these roles have with the project? For example: A Client might purchase online, an Administrator might add and edit records listings, and a Fulfiller might mark purchases and processed as completed.

Define stories

These are individual and specific actions that relate to a particular role and action. Each of these stories should accomplish one of the following: Protect Revenue, Increase Revenue, Manage Costs, Increase Brand Value, Make The Product Remarkable, or Provide More Value To You.

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Reassess risks

Now that we’ve really fleshed out this project and have come up with a few paths that will help you solve the problem you face, we’ll revisit the risks we identified at the beginning of our session and see if they’re still a concern.

Discuss Strategy

We’ll help you determine what costs might incur in setup and longterm maintenance, and we’ll help you identify and understand the technologies and strategies that will be used to accomplish the project and its promotion.


Finally, we’ll take the roadmap we produced and compare it to the goals you established for your project at the outset of our session. Have we come up with anything that holds us back from reaching your goals? Are there any closing thoughts or suggestions on how we can solve your problem faster or better?

After the session concludes, we’ll get to work producing an exhaustive summary of our meeting, along with ideas for your business marketing plan.

Our Roadmapping Plans

We use a value based pricing model. That means we don't use hours to charge you, instead we focus on the value we offer you. This cost gets applied to any Brandit™ or Showout™ plans moving forward.

One payment of

A practical solution. Includes one session and a brand strategy report.

One payment of

For the most exigents entrepreneurs. Includes two sessions, an uniqueness report, and a website audit.

* If after the meeting you decide that we weren't able to offer you any value, just request a refund and we’ll send your money back, no questions asked.

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