If you could take just 5 minutes and tell us what is the single biggest design and web development challenge that you’re struggling with in your record label business right now, we’ll be able to use that information to improve our free content and design services for record labels.

Please be as detailed and specific as possible. (Please go beyond saying "logo design" or "outsourcing web design". The more specific and detailed you are, the more likely we'll be able to solve your problem.

e.g. We're sick of having to take care of design ourselves, and want to find serious partners to take care of our artists' designs and web development.

After filling the form you'll receive a 30% discount coupon for our Brandit™ plans (which you can use to improve your own website or your artists') via e-mail and our marketing team will contact you to schedule a Free Roadmapping session.

Lastly, we may follow-up with a few people personally to learn a bit more about your situation... If you'd be open to chatting for a few minutes, on the condition we PROMISE not to try to sell you something - please also leave your phone or Skype id.