Dmitriy Redko



About Dmitriy

Dmitriy Redko, a Russian music composer. He is best known for music under his alias Astropilot. Although starting professionally producing music since the early 2000s, Astropilot debuted with chillout album in 2007, followed up by releases on various compilations. Later, Dmitriy’s music evolved into mostly space ambient and downtempo with multiple releases every year. At the same time, he produces music for famous apps – Solar Walk and Star Walk – 3d model of Solar System and Galaxies. Later Dmitriy writes music for few more projects, apps, and mobile games with the same subjects – Event Horizon, Space Engine and etc. Mubert, one of the projects where he is involved for a few years constantly updating it with fresh sounds. Currently, he works as a freelance composer and ghost-producer for various companies and clients.



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