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When Michael from Communicating IT contacted us to build his new brand website and told us his whole idea, we got interested immediately.

A story about an iceberg and the underwater depths, an allegory about the not so evident depths in IT services and processes.

It was a challenge and a pleasure for our whole team.

The art behind the process

We went back and forth through a lot of ideas and versions for the illustrations. That’s fairly common with all websites but especially with more artistic ones. We improved things based on the team’s and client’s feedback. Below are some sketches and examples of the creation process we underwent during the creation of the site.

The Stories

web design for commit
web design for commit mobile version

Love at first sight

Creating an impactul first impression...

This was a complex area, and we needed to impress the visitors.

From the art in the sky to the waves, everything was carefully illustrated and developed.

web design for commit navigation mode
web design for commit navigation mode mobile version

The Navigation

Visitors need it to be simple...

Ladislav designed this great navigation, re-using the sky illustration to generate an uncluttered background.

It's simple and effective.

web design for commit recent news section
web design for commit recent news section mobile version

The Blog

Designing the Blog

Communicating IT wanted a blog. We wanted to generate a simple experience for the users.

The blog posts are both highlighted in the homepage and in the blog section.

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Every project has its stories

We gathered some of stories behind the code. Click on the arrows and discover some of the needs behind Communicating IT new website.

Development Strategy

The project was built using Jekyll as the CMS of choice, Vuejs, Animejs and CSS Parallax. Jekyll allowed us to offer the client a customizable website while the rest of the technologies used allowed us to create very complex animations for it.

SEO Strategy

From the start, the client knew the company needed to have a blog on its website to work on their inbound marketing campaign. That was one of the main reasons we went with Jekyll.

The Team

As soon as we understood Commit's vision, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy project, so we assembled a team with Ladislav Prusenosvky, Maite Barberis, and Andrejka Arce.

Team Member Ladislav Photo

Ladislav is one our lead developers; he’s the guy behind solving most of our complex development issues. For this project, he walked the extra mile and worked as a designer as well by gathering Andrejka’s illustrations and creating a web layout for them.

Ladislav Prusenovsky, Lead Developer
Team Member Andrea Photo

Andrea is a great illustrator, with a very personal style. She’s the artist behind 2nomads’ illustrations and most of our best-looking projects. She amazed us with her very stylish drawings of the bottom of the sea.

Andrejka Arce, Illustrator
Team Member Maite Photo

She was in charge creative direction along with me. She’s an excellent eye for detail and a talent for quality assurance. She made sure we aimed for the best during the whole project.

Maite Barberis, Creative Director
Team Member Ivan Photo

Ivan worked as a creative director and project manager for this project. Working with the client during the brainstorming and discovery processes and later on making sure everything 2nomads' team built was as faithful as possible to Michael's vision.

Ivan Duch, Creative Director

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