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Kickstart your business on time and on budget  with an all-in-one solution to your online presence.

Planning is underrated

We got tired of watching innumerable entrepreneurs wasting money on onfocused web design and digital marketing. Before you invest a cent on web design you need a proper plan. And guess what? We know startups, we know what works and we know you're on a budget...


As an entrepreneur you're focused on your ROI. Proper planning is the only way to increase your chances of success.


Time is money. We work hard on creating processes that allow us to create quality websites in record time.


As an entrepreneur we know you're busy. That's why we want you to check digital marketing out of your mental to-do list.

Meet Brandit™ Express

How does it work?


Our free assessment process

The first step is discovering your business. We need to understand your vision and how you plan to make it real.

Without understanding there can not be proper web design, not to mention marketing.

That said, we prefer our clients happy, and that’s why we only take on projects where we can bring value to the table.

In order to ensure that, we designed our 5 minutes free assessment form. Click on the button below to learn more.



We know, we’re getting repetitive here, but,  planning is key. After we make sure we can help you through the free assessment form you’ll be able to hire one of our Roadmapping services.

If you don’t focus your branding and digital marketing efforts on the right elements, you’ll waste your money and precious time, we’ve seen that happen time and again in our industry.

This will ensure you start on your journey with the right foot and we’re there to help you as best as we can.

The right tools for the job

Meet your new friends

We know you want control but also ease of use. That’s why we chose Elementor as your visual editor and WordPress as your CMS.

We know you need flexibility and that’s why all your plans include potential add-ons. From SEO to PPC.

We know you don’t want to worry about hosting, we’ve got you covered.

But most importantly, we know you love free trials. Yep, you guessed right. We’ve got that for you as well.

the secret sauce

We care about your web design

Unlike other visual editors out there, we care about your results.

That’s why we work with you through a plan and then we make sure it’s executed the right way.

How? We design your website to sell, that’s how.

After that, you’re free to modify as much as you want and add your own content – and even ask us for our expert feedback.

But then again, we make sure you end up with an effective website.

The Perfect Balance

Brandit™ Express gives you the best of a Website Builder plus a professional team's skillset.

Lots of happy customers

But we're biased, hear it from them...

"Working with 2nomads was a marvelous experience right from the get-go. They bring their ideas and experience to the table."
Jorge González Barragán
CEO en Nodalab
"2nomads has been a wonderful business partner. I enjoy working with them and I'm often astounded by the results"
Zach Miltz
"We went from having no site at all to launching on-time, on-budget and without ever hearing something couldn't be done."
David Colebatch
Chief Migration Hacker at Tidal Migrations

Simple Pricing Options

All our plans are paid yearly

*It's possible to hire our basecamp plan and request a more complex website paying a one-time design fee.

For DIY Enthusiasts




  • 1 One Pager Website Design
  • 1 Year Hosting
  • Visual Editor
  • You upload your content
  • Technical support
  • Daily Database & Core Backups
  • Sales Funnel Design
  • Mailchimp Integration

For StartUps




  • All of Basecamp features
  • Up to 5 pages design
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Priority Tech support
  • Malware Cleaning & Removal
  • CRM Integration
  • Hotjar Integration

For the most exigents




  • All of Basecamp and Asension features
  • Up to 20 pages
  • We upload your content the first time
  • Ongoing Hack Prevention
  • 1 hour of maintenance / month
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • SEO Monthly Report
  • Social Monthly Report

And all the add-ons you'll ever need.


You want to improve your positioning in search engines? We have the team of experts to support your new adventure.

PPC Campaigns

Need some short-term results? Pay Per Click Ads might be the right fit for you. We manage both Google and Facebook campaigns.

Content Marketing

We have a team of copywriters and marketers waiting on your instructions. We can develop your strategy and execute it the right way.

Want to get started?

Start with our free assessment form or chat using our chat app at the bottom right.