As you might have noticed by now, there’s a fair amount of musicians in our team. Paradoxically enough many of them work as developers, including me.

That got me thinking…What is about development that attracts musicians?

And so I arrived to some very scientific conclusions I want to share with you.

They have their own languages

Well, for starters front-end development in particular is a very aesthetic line of work. Of course, you still have to deal with HTML, CSS and whatnot BUT, musicians are also used to dealing with their own kind of written language. In the end, both musicians and developers are used to abstracting themselves from the result and writing their art-form in their own particular languages.

They are strong in the force

You need a serious amount of geekness to be able to be a composer or developer. We’re talking about isolation and obsessive compulsive behavior here.

But in the good happy way of course!

I mean, what musician or developer hasn’t been so immersed in their work that he forgot about basic human needs like eating? That’s in our DNA, just like midi-chlorians.

Both feel like puzzle solving at times

Yes, I think both composing and coding appeals to that problem solver in us at times. You stay late at night (sometimes several nights in a row) trying to figure out just that specific section or line of code that’s driving you mad. All for the sake of art.

You have to be in the flow

There’s no discussion in my mind that developing is an art-form and as an art-form it demands a certain craft but furthermore, creativeness. Both musicians and developers have to be creative to excel in their line of work.

So that’s my 2 cents about this thrilling topic. Let’s hear your opinion.

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