WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most recommended CMS (Control Management System) and it’s no surprise considering 17% of all websites are running because of it.

So you might be a newcomer to online marketing trying to find out what technology to use for your small business site, band, video game or whatever you have in mind. Let me tell you that WordPress might be it.

One good thing about WordPress is that it’s user friendly. It has a reasonably easy to use dashboard and simple interface. It’s simple enough to have a basic website running in a couple of hours. Of course, if you’re hoping for a more professional look or custom features you’ll need to learn some coding or hire someone else to do it, yet, it’s amazing how much you can add to WordPress via plugins, themes or custom coding.

And it gets even better: WordPress per se is open source, which means, free.

So let me tell you what I consider are the pros and cons of WordPress for Small Businesses


  • Simple for the end-user. If you don’t know how to code a single line of code but know how to use your Facebook well enough, chances are you’re going to learn how to add plugins or post articles in WordPress.
  • Cheap or even free unless you need a lot of custom content.
  • There’s tons of free plugins to add new features to your site. And if the one you’re looking for doesn’t exist you can hire a team like ours to develop it just for you.
  • Great Community. WordPress has been around for a long time now, and its community has only increased.


  • Just like Windows, sometimes many users mean more security issues. WordPress is more susceptible to fall victim to crackers and viruses for the simple fact that many attacks are aimed at WordPress.
  • It’s not the more optimized option. If you have enough budget you’ll probably be better off creating a custom site from the ground up. That will minimize security issues but also improve overall speed and code optimization.
  • If you only need a very simple website and are not planning to expand upon it, you could be better off with a static website generator like Jekyll or even something as WIX if your budget is low.

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