Nowadays Home Studios are very trendy

For those who don’t know, a home studio is a home based recording studio. Usually way cheaper than professional studios and quite easy to build for anyone with music production knowledge.

It could be said that for any musician a home studio is a necessity, it not only allows us to record ourselves in a more or less decent manner, but also to produce, arrange or simply listen to our music searching for issues.

Truth be told, a Home Studio could sound similarly to a professional one. That’s because the equipment used can be close or sometimes even the same (depending on your budget) that the one used by the big players. Even more, given the proper space and some work you can have great acoustics too.

BUT Studios don’t produce music by themselves

The final responsible for the quality of the music production is none else than the producer, behind the mouse and mixer. If you have to compress the vocals a bit or decrease 2dBS in 900hz, you don’t need 10k worth of equipment to do so, you just need your favorite DAW plugin and good ear. Yes, exactly, a good ear, and that my friend, takes practice.

That’s why professional producers can achieve so much with so little equipment. And the reason why it sometimes gets so hard to achieve great results at home.

Professional Studios have some evident pros:

  1. Quality and amount of gear.
  2. Sound engineers and producers with (hopefully) years of experience.
  3. Delegating the task to someone more knowledgeable.
  4. A third party point of view.

So what about Home Studios, aren’t they worth it?

Of course they’re worth it! It’s an amazing tool for boosting up creativity by letting imagination fly without being worried about a professional studio’s hourly rate.

A good advice is to focus your home studio design in some specific areas. If you’re not considering mastering at home, then by all means forget about buying mastering gear. The same applies to buying expensive monitors when you’re not experienced enough to mix your music yourself. Visualize your exact goals and buy only what you really need. Consider that the final recording can even be made outside your home studio.

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About Santiago Linietsky

Santiago Linietsky is a music producer with decades of experience. He works from his music studio in Palermo, Buenos Aires.