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When I was a teen I spent years investigating oriental spirituality and philosophy: Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Samurais, you name it.

As I grew older I experienced with Vipassana meditation retreats and other practices which I believe have deeply influenced my work for good.

How can it help you?

I firmly believe that your business is going to be a projection of your personality. If you’re addicted to stress your work culture will be greatly affected by it. You’re probably going to always be on the run, always solving urgent issues, and having the strong belief that the universe is against you somehow. Businesses can’t escape their owners.

So the only way for a business to prosper is to have managers concerned with improving themselves.

In other ways, your mind and your health are some of your business most valuable assets. You should take good care of them.

Enters Meditation

There are many meditation techniques but most include the following principles…

Focus on the present

This is the biggest principle in meditation I believe. According to oriental philosophy most people isn’t really awake. They daydreaming of the past or the future and very few really focus on the task in front of them. Focusing on the present has many benefits for a CEO wasting too much time on multi-tasking, for example. The present helps us to keep things simpler. Of course you always need some planning (future) and some reliable stats (past) in a business, but when it comes to executing tasks, you better be in the present, fully focused on it.

Simple techniques like focusing on your breathing can help you a lot with this.

One huge benefit of focusing is reducing the working hours to the essential. Don’t be surprised if you achieve in 3 hours what you used to achieve in 8.

Cultivate equanimity

It’s basically the skill to give all things the appropriate consideration, be it pain or pleasure. Many people focus too much on pain or pleasure. Both are part of the equation and the more you focus on one of them, the more unbalanced you’ll be as a person.

Cultivating equanimity will help you maintain things in perspective during those bad spells every business go through and will also help with not getting over confident when things go very well. Always focus on the basics of your business.

Calm your mind

Equanimity and being present will cultivate a calmer mind. A calm mind will help you a lot in your decision making process. For example: Not running after the first urgent labelled thing that crosses your path, something many of us do from time to time. When you can get some perspective between yourself and your day to day business operations you’ll be able to become a way better executive.

Some of its benefits

Here are some of the benefits of meditating regularly…

Less absenteeism

A healthier mind will affect your body, that’s a given. Stressed employees and managers are more prone to get injured, ill or simply quit.

Gets rid of the unnecessary stress

Meditation brings peace, and a balanced and peaceful work environment helps everyone in it. Once things are peaceful you might even want to consider firing some of your more troublesome clients…

Maximize performance

When Google invested in meditation to be incorporated into its culture, they had some benefits in mind. Meditation helps maximize employee performance. As I mentioned before, focus and relaxation increase performance, most athletes and artists know that as a fact.

Increases creativity

A calm mind state helps relate better to people and feel less pressured. Both will greatly boost creativity by improving team work and brain storming processes.

Less Ego driven decisions


The most you relate your self image with your results, the worse it will go with you. Being too attached to your business performance is probably going to affect it in a negative way. Imagine yourself walking into every meeting with a client as if your life depended on it vs knowing the essentials of your life won’t be affected no matter how much money is involved in the deal. Now guess which attitude is going to give you better chances. Equanimity principle at practice. Another positive outcome is that the less you let your ego drive your decisions the most objective you’ll become. To be able to accept some of your past decisions might not have been good business ideas is hard but very good for your company.

Better decisions that help everyone

Compassion and empathy are essential parts of meditation. Imagine that compassion getting deeply rooted into your firm’s culture. It will affect your relationship with your staff, clients and ultimately improve your company.


Considering meditation as part of your personal daily routine or going one step further and including it in your company’s work schedule as Google did will have great benefits. I suggest you give it try. You might end up making the world a better place in the process.

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