Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to make your custom email a representative and logical next step in the branding of your band or yourself as a musician.

The @gmail.com or, for those who still think we’re in the early 00’s, @hotmail.com email addresses are not a good look when presenting yourself as a serious act. They scream ‘amateur’, and any up-and-coming band worth their salt should be considering grabbing a personal handle as a priority in their self-promotion.

Let’s admit that email is now the major communication medium of the professional globalized world. A staggering 269 billion emails are sent each day.

OK sure, you might make a call to your mom or friend, but email dominates when it comes to business. And remember; business is part of the package of being a successful musician. Those who do well understand this fact.

This blog will look at some of the major reasons that a custom email for a band or musician is necessary in today’s world.

So far, so good? Let’s go!

Be professional

What’s worse than sending a serious email to an important contact from the email address krazyb0i@gmail.com? Here’s the answer: nothing.

That’s right. I know you might not like to hear that the email you’ve had since the age of 12 is no longer appropriate for your adult life, but that’s the harsh truth. Band promotion is a serious business, so it’s time to change things up and become a professional; there are many other musicians willing to take your place.

A Gmail, Hotmail or email address from any of the major email providers simply doesn’t look professional. As we touched upon in earlier, it speaks of an amateur status. But an info@/hello@/yourname@yourbandname.com presents you as a serious player.

When contacting gig locations, radio stations, record labels or any other important group for your future, this will help impress from the very start.

Build a brand and style

For better or for worse, musicians are identified by their style. The style of their music, the style of their clothes, and more recently, the style of their website. It’s all part of constructing a recognizable identity, and an email address is one cog in this larger process.

Most obviously, the email is a reminder of your band every time a person clicks on a mail or types it into an address bar. This is reinforcing the message you are attempting to build, and lodging your name and your music further into the minds of those who matter.

The email address is an opportunity to continue building your band’s brand in a unique and interesting style.

Get personal with custom email

The internet can often feel like a desolate wasteland, bereft of familiarity, personality, or warmth. But if you can offer a human connection through an email address, then this small gesture can make a big difference.

If you’re a lone musician, this is an easy effect to achieve. You only need one email address. So it could be yourname@yourbandname.com. Use your first name only and those who receive your email will feel like you’re on first name terms. This is a great way to thrill fans.

Multi member bands can go a step further and get an email address for each of the band members. Fans will be thrilled with the personal email rather than the generic “info@”, and it’s also a way to clearly divide communication among band members.

Improve your visibility

A major part of your custom email address will be marketing campaigns to inform media outlets about a forthcoming release of yours, gig venues and bars about the fact that you’re looking for places to play, or fans about either or the above. These are of course, only a few of the many reasons you’ll be emailing.

But the beauty of the custom email address is that your email won’t get lost in the sea of others than all of these places are receiving. Your address will stick out and set your band or self apart.

Additionally, the filters that email servers often apply could direct your @gmail.com email straight to the recipient’s spam folder meaning you’ll be missing your mark. They can whitelist your address so that your emails will get through whatever happens.

When you’re trying to get the name of your band or yourself known as serious musicians, it’s important to have an email address that reaches its intended target. If not, you might as well as throwing those messages into the wind.

Connect Completely

Your band absolutely should have an account for each of the major social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are key for spreading the news of your music. Accounts on these platforms should be considered a mandatory part of your band’s promotion.

With a custom email address for your band, you have the ability to link each of these social media accounts directly to the one email address. As well as continuing the stress the professionalism of your outfit, this grants the band total control of what is published on each social media stream.

This way you don’t fall into a situation where the drummer has his personal email account linked to Facebook, but the lead guitarist is controlling Twitter through her email account, and nothing can be centralized.

With a custom email address, you can assume total control of social media publication and build consistency with fans.

It’s reassuring to know that you won’t have to make a new Facebook account because Jeff who plays bass decides to leave, taking his account management with him!

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