Why would you need to manage remote teams?

In 2nomads we are huge fans of distributed teams and that’s why many of our team members are spread around the world.

It provides us with a huge flexibility, a happier and more inspired team (working from the comfort of their own home) and it certainly lower costs (less time spent in traffic and so on).

But even though remote working can be great, it has its own array of challenges that can make this incredible powerful tool a disaster.

And that issue is project management

Remote teams can easily lose focus, motivation and even worse: not know what to do.

At first you could think it’s an insurmountable issue intrinsic to remote teams but with some great tools and the right approach you might find that remote teams are a dream come true.


We’ve done it all: Taiga, Redmine, Jira, Basecamp, Asana. All of those are great tools but at the end of the day we needed simplicity, and probably so do you. If you like kanban boards and agile frameworks you might be surprised at how powerful Trello can be when you use some creativity. Not to mention its huge collection of plug-ins and interactions with other apps.


Slack is a chat tool that has become quite popular for remote teams these days and its popularity is well deserved. While some might say that its professional plans are expensive for medium sized teams, its free plan is still great. It’s like the perfect offspring of IRC and Trello. Not to mention the bots people are developing for Slack are amazing for project management.


Skype has been around for many years now and while one could say there’s some really cool tools for teams like Teamviewer or Google Hangouts, Skype still has earned its place as a tool most people has installed and always gets the job done.

Dropbox and Google Drive

Dropbox is a great tool and so is Google Drive for sure (although will be shut down soon) There’s so much you can do with these tools. We have most of our project assets online and accessible to our whole team and clients. From music projects to design mockups. What else can be said?

Honorable Mentions

I can’t end this post without mentioning these awesome tools. One is old and the other quite new. Not every team will need tools such as these but for those who do, please read on.


It’s been around for quite a while and it’s mostly used by developers, but I personally was able to find uses for it even in music production. Git is basically a control version tool. You keep a well documented log of every change made and have great tools for team work and recovering previous versions when things go bad. Quite a complex tool to describe, but take a look at it when you have some time. You might find it useful even if you’re not a developer.


It’s the new kid on the block for the design crowd. It basically allow designers to add interactions to its design and even link several designs to give the impression of a working app or website. Really cool tool to have.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and good luck with your online project!

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