Purchasing a product or hiring a service involves trust and a little bit of faith. Trust in gaining the value your marketing and salespeople are promising. When you think of it, proper branding and marketing are all about creating trust with your target audience and one of the most powerful things to achieve that is referrals. This is why I’m so adamant about you offering great value to your clients, as they can become your greatest promoters.

However, sometimes you need to walk the extra mile. That’s what an offer ladder is about. An offer ladder is merely a range of products or services rising in price. A higher price gets you more features and benefits. It’s about giving your audience options, from downloading a free book like this one to purchasing a cheap service that could lead to future purchases.

The key element of building proper offer ladders is that your cheap or free products need to provide real value, the more value you provide, the more trust you’ll create. With that assurance, you’ll be able to sell your clients your more expensive offerings.

Action Steps

  1. Do you know who your ideal audience is? If so, it’s time to learn more about them. Make sure you write their demographics and psychographics. What marketing strategies can you implement based on that information?
  2. If you still don’t have a specific sales process, it’s time to design it and write it down. What will you tell your potential clients during your first meeting? How will you sell merchandise during your concerts? You need to script it to create your sales pitch. Get started on that as soon as possible.
  3. Do you have services or products for different types of clients? Are you making sure you can increase your chances of making a sell by offering value in different ways to your audience? There are many ways to achieve it. If not, get a piece of paper right now and start designing your offer ladder.

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