When your marketing and brand do a good job of attracting your ideal audience, selling feels like and administrative process. Something like explaining the customer the last details about hiring you and sending an invoice.

The best way to sell is to do it effortlessly. That’s only achieved when your marketing and lead nurturing systems are top-notch. If selling feels like having to seduce someone into making a purchase, then your marketing is wrong. The more convincing you try to do, the less likely is for you to close the deal. That’s because you’ll come across desperate, and people run away from desperation. That said, it’s rare to see a business that develops proper systems for selling and yet it’s one of the elements that most benefit from systems and automation.

Another crucial thing to remember is that selling can be a problem. If your business’ pillars aren’t optimized, selling more will only cause more inefficiencies, money loses and stress. So always make sure your pillars are well grounded before scaling your project. Some examples of this would be selling more than you can handle or having to hire people who don’t know what to do because you don’t have the proper processes in place.

Also, avoid grabbing easy sales that don’t align with your vision and mission. In general, those will move you away from getting good at your specific niche, which is a significant long-term loss. Also, time spent outside of your niche means you end up earning and learning less.

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