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Let’s talk about branding in the music industry…

You could say that what lives in the mind of those who come in contact with your business is your brand.

But what your audience perceive is never the totality, only an impression.

In other words, the brand is the body to your project’s soul. As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos points out, “branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

The brand is what people see and feel when interacting with your project. Your copywriting, your website, your invoices, your services, the way you treat people, the way the people in your project treat each other, all of that and more build your brand, every day and every hour.

However, all these chords that give shape to your project, when correctly played, communicate a strong and unique identity and message, they communicate the soul of your project the way you conceived it.

The soul won’t attract everyone, and that’s all right because that means it can attract the right people, your ideal clients. I’m sure you’re getting it by now, your brand is the core of your reach. Without an attractive brand, reach activities like marketing and selling will always perform poorly.

Your Brand’s Uniqueness

An unique snow flake

As I mentioned, your brand will mature in time, but you need to nurture it the right way for that to happen.

One of the most critical elements of proper branding in the music industry is delivering excellent service or products to your clients and being consistent in the process.

Again, your brand is everything you do in your company. A good brand attracts the right kind of clients and customers. Moreover, all of them get in contact with all of the aspects of your business directly or indirectly.

You think your team won’t notice financial issues within your company? You think that won’t affect the way you communicate to potential clients? Remember: every chord is intertwined to give shape to your music project.

So what’s the best branding in the music industry?

Being excellent at what you do.

And communicating it of course.

Focusing on a niche or a particular need will be the faster and safest path to achieve that. When you are good, clients spread the world, that’s the best kind of marketing there is. That’s a brand doing the heavy lifting for you.

That’s the main ingredient for your brand’s uniqueness. Finding what you’re good at and becoming even better by optimizing everything you do for that specific ideal client. From the way you speak to them (marketing) to the way, you deliver your services.

A fantastic way to implement proper branding in the music industry is making good use of your online presence.

5 pillars of branding in the music industry

5 pillars of branding in the music industry

Check out this informative and fascinating infographic from KISSmetrics to see if you’re using the right colors in your marketing collateral.

Color Purchase Infographic

Action Steps

1. Based on your business model and vision write down how you would like the world to perceive your brand. Do you want it to communicate formality? Boldness? Or you want to come across as a funny and relaxed brand? Take a look at the music industry. You’ll notice how different musicians, bands, and other music projects communicate to the world.

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3. Do you have questions about branding or suggestions to improve the guide? Please leave a comment below.

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