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Despite having been around for more than 100 years, the 80/20 rule feels very much like it was coined for our modern times. The 80/20 rule essentially describes the thing we all know: That most of our time is taken up (that's the 80%, folks) by work and chores that don't offer us a great deal in return. While those few little tasks, pieces of work, or details (you guessed it, that's the 20%), offer the big pay-off. That 20% is golden.

Originally given name by Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist who noticed that 80% of the peas he would regularly collect were found in only 20% of the pea pods he podded, this "rule" perfectly explains a common problem of the go-getting, publicity-loving, time-poor, 21st century entrepreneur, blog writer, or business owner.

How often do you sit in at your desk as the sun begins to set, straining over your blog, for only a handful of people to see it? How much time do you waste on writing without reward?

Well, the 80/20 rule is here to help put a stop to wasting time. Here are a few suggestions of the ways in which the 80/20 rule can help to cut down on the avoidable timewasters so that you can get on the tasks that really let your blog and business progress.

Impose the 80/20 rule on blog writing

Blog writing is a tool to bring in an audience for your website or small business.

This much we know.

We understand that the content of your blog must be solid, well-focused on the audience you're aiming to attract, and has to provide an added value to readers : tips on how to improve X or the 'ultimate guide' to Y.

It's extremely important to be posting well-crafted content, but how do you make sure that as many people are viewing your content as possible and that your website traffic is flying high as a result?

Well, this is where the 80/20 rule kicks in. Spending roughly 80% of your time promoting what you write rather than on the writing itself, is the most efficient way to ensure your blog grows.

This is a real eye-opener for many. It seems fairly obvious that the better the content, the larger and audience that content should receive. And that's right. But when you're attempting to grow a business, to spend all day writing without promoting would be a massive mistake.

After all, it's the promotion that creates the return on investment. In running a working business and blog, the payoff is a reader's visit, not the practice of writing, so make that the focus.

Write well and then promote. Promote, promote, promote. A thousand times, promote!

There are almost (at the time of writing), 2,000,000,000 websites currently online. For readers and potential clients to find your blog is a much harder task than finding the proverbial needle in the haystack, in our modern internet age. It's nigh-on impossible without you spending your time promoting.

Blogs with thousands of posts that offer little value no longer make the grade. But those with quality well-promoted content do.

Making the most of what you already have

A tactic to really leverage the most of the 80/20 rule for blog writing is to continue to use your old blogs, promoting them once again when the time and moment presents itself.

It's likely that a great deal of what you've previously written hasn't been seen by many of those visitors and potential clients who come across your site. Those juicy blogs you've written can be useful to new readers so offer them the opportunity to get stuck in to your wise words by promoting past blogs.

Making use of past writings is particularly useful for blogs that are less time specific. For example, posts on tips and guides are ideal candidates to be re-used and refreshed as a tool to drive up traffic. Frequently, posts like these enjoy certain timelessness and so can be promoted again.

In contrast, for example, promoting a blog post you've written about your experiences at an industry event wouldn't offer a visitor any information worth reading.

As long as your old blog posts still offer value, they can play a big part in achieving goals in the 80/20 rule.

Using the Network

For the 80/20 rule to become fully effective in your blogging endeavors, promoting with the biggest and best names around will work wonders. Becoming involved with an already established network of bloggers specific to your industry will help you get a foot in the door and drive up your website traffic.

So who are the names in your industry that garner the most praise and the biggest audiences? Find out and contact them. You could ask for an interview that could be published, a joint blog post, or a standalone guest post for your own website.

Everyone wants promotion and we know (or will do by the end of this post!) that it is an essential method of expanding your audience. So don't be shy, reach out to them and you might find they're happy to talk!

To offer the best return for that 20% of blog writing time that you have poured effort into, using your industry network of bloggers can really pay off.

Leaving it to the Professionals

Of course, while this promotion is vital to business growth, it also takes a fair share of time. Many think there are better ways.

And one of them is to hire the services of the professionals. Digital marketing agencies like 2nomads are experts at making your blog grow. If you'd rather use your time on direct business matters then hiring the services of a digital marketing agency offers perhaps the best return on investment.

They'll promote your content across platforms and know when the best times to publish are.

Get in touch today to see what 2nomads could do for you. It may well be the best decision you make for your business success.

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