Whisper it. Not everybody knows what it is a digital marketing agency can do for a business.

Yes, it’s true. Even in our age of lives lived out online, where the internet is an ever more important piece of the jigsaw that creates human experience! However scary (or not) it is to know, the simple fact is that digital marketing agencies and the work that they do may not be obvious to all.

Such a shame!

But don’t you worry. Here we’ll tackle this terrible fate to make sure that each and every person reading this blog will know, in depth and detail, exactly what a digital marketing agency can do for them.

Traditional Marketing: The good and the bad in the digital age…

It goes without saying that the job of marketing a business is a great big chunk of what a digital marketing agency does. But how does the digital differ from the traditional?

Marketing is still going strong in its traditional form. From the TV ads that pop up in the middle of our favorite shows, full-page ads in newspapers, and catchy jingles that play out on the radio, traditional advertising is still alive and well in our modern world.

The benefits of traditional marketing are numerous. It’s proven and we know it works. When a company books an ad during a prime-time TV slot, they can be assured that millions will see it.

Yet while traditional marketing ensures the ads are watched and the jingles listened to, traditional marketing is often prohibitively expensive for new or small businesses. A 30-second ad during Super Bowl will be seen by over 100 million people (assuming they don’t go for a beer during the ad break, or simply ignore the TV), but it will also set you back a cool $5 million. How many companies can afford that?

And these prices are still astronomical despite Super Bowl ratings declining by 10% in only one year, not to mention the incredible decline in television viewing generally, down by 43.6% since 2012 for the 18 – 24-year-old age range.

… vs Digital Marketing: The only way is up?

The contrasts between the health of traditional marketing mediums and those of digital marketers are stark. With digital social media platforms like Twitter showing strong growth and Facebook continuing its magnetic ability to pull ever more users through its digital doors, to ignore digital platforms for marketing opportunities would be unwise.

Using digital platforms, digital marketing companies can ensure that the right people will see your brand at the right time, and for a fraction of the cost for most traditional platforms.

Thanks to the depth of information that these platforms have about their users, the ability to target marketing at a specific group is made so much easier. Every time a user opens an account, they give the company details about their gender, their age, the likes and dislikes, where they live, and an awful lot more. Behavior profiles can be built and marketing is targeted towards them.

With ‘ granular data‘, digital marketing companies are able to leverage, marketing is targeted on an individual level. Contrary to the macro approach of traditional marketing, digital marketing can be microscopically concentrated. When you know that a person already has an interest in what you’re selling, there’s a far greater probability that your service will actually sell.

This focused and data-backed digital marketing comes at a much more accessible price than traditional.

Becoming the brand, online

In a sea absolutely chock-full of competition, having a strong online brand is key. It helps you stand out, allows people to associate a quality service with the company name, and creates continuity in your branding so that you are instantly recognizable.

Digital marketing agencies are professionals in telling the story of your brand. This may include making logos, crafting your brand image, and may even stretch to creating music.

The idea of identity is vital to your business. People trust well-established brands because of their long history, but a small or new business does not have this luxury. Digital marketing agencies understand that offering people a strong impression of who you are and what you stand for is one sure way to build trust in your business.

A face that makes things happen

There’s much more thought behind a website than one might think. Sure, a digital marketing agency will make your website look pretty and function well, but an excellent digital marketing agency will make sure it sells.

A website isn’t simply a contact portal that costs money and offers little back. A well-built, well-researched website performs a key role in the plan to improve return on investment and growth for your business. If your website runs slowly and links are always faulty, potential clients will simply look elsewhere. Sales cannot be made and revenue is lost.

There’s the front-end design of the website, the themes, colors, and content, including user experience design, and then there’s the back-end, or the ‘server-side’. This is the realm of the developer, where the architecture of the size it produced, algorithms applied, and problems solved. This is a time-heavy job but one that is absolutely necessary for a strong website performance.

When a website is in robust health, maintenance is crucial.

Curating that Content

For a brand that wants to mark out its website as an industry leader, content is continually needed to refresh its pages. Content is a generic term, most often applied to written texts like blog posts or articles, but can also be used for This serves as a way of bringing visitors to the site,

And then, of course, we have SEO. A fully SEO’d website will dramatically increase search results, producing higher traffic for your website and in turn, more sales. This is a topic we’ve previously touched upon in another blog post. But the importance of SEO cannot be overstated and to give your website the very best chance to shine, expertly researched SEO is necessary.

Digital marketing agencies: The helping hand in the digital age

Digital marketing agencies offer a specialized service to improve the performance of your business in the digital age.

From laser-focused advertising to maintaining the health of your website, there are few better ways to improve your return on investment.

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