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If you’re reading this it is because you see the mountain before you and you want to make it to the summit. You being here also means you have a vision, a vision that could change the world a little bit, or at least your life. It also says that at some point in your life you fell in love with music.

However, a passion for music alone won’t guarantee you success in the music industry. To achieve music business success, you’ll need to understand the basics of music entrepreneurship. The basic knowledge you’ll require for connecting your music project with its right audience and making a profit along the way.

Who is the Music Entrepreneur?

The music entrepreneur is the visionary and manager in you. The inspired side of you, the innovator, but also the organizer, there’s a management side to music entrepreneurship, and it’s vital to your music project success. A music business can’t thrive without innovation, organization, and order.

The way of the music entrepreneur is to strategize, to plan and to create processes for the people who are to join his vision. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bandleader, a soloist, a guitar teacher or a music producer you should consider your project a business, yourself a music entrepreneur, and your audience a client, that is if you want to make a living out of it.

All of this means you need to focus your creativeness and craftsmanship not only on creating your music or your idea but also on building the business that sustains it. You could even say there’s as much craftsmanship behind a profitable business as there is in writing a song. It requires a specific skill set, hard work and a bit of inspiration.

Let’s get into action

So, what’s a music entrepreneur supposed to do to improve his music project? Here’s 2nomads’ checklist for success in the music industry.

  1. Download The Music Entrepreneur, our free guide covering the major aspects of music entrepreneurship.

  2. Read our post about the most important pillars of your music project.

  3. Make sure you’re prioritizing the right areas for your project by regularly completing a self-assessment.

  4. Read our post about crafting a vision statement and make sure you develop a strong enough vision for your project.

  5. Make sure your brand communicates your project uniqueness the right way.

  6. After reading all that content, have a free assessment meeting with us, we’ll gladly help you improve your plan and execution.

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