No matter how many visitors you attract to your website, if your contact forms are designed poorly, you won’t be getting any leads.

These are seven easy ways to increase your form conversions.

Keep it short

The more fields your form has, the less likely your visitors are going to fill it. Ask for the essentials, you might think you need to qualify your leads with a longer form, and while that reasoning is well founded, it’s not advisable most of the time. You can always qualify your leads after you get their emails.

Don’t ask for a phone number

In 2010, Dan Zarrella of HubSpot analyzed over 40,000 landing pages and found that asking for a phone number was one of three fields that killed conversions rates. Who uses the phone anyways? Besides, you can always ask for it later.

Submit is a bad word

Use Send, Send Email, Click Here, Go, almost anything is better than Submit.

Have it everywhere

Your contact form shouldn’t just be on your contact page. Insert variations of your contact form in as many places as you can. Always use good CTAs (Call To Actions) along with it. Near the Footer is usually a good place.

The form doesn’t look good

The better your form looks, the more conversions it will get. Make sure it’s compatible with all devices and is coherent with the rest of your website look & feel.

Don’t use Captchas in your contact forms

I know, you spend a lot of time each month deleting spam from your CRM and feel tempted to add a Captcha, but believe me, some spam is a way better scenario than reducing your form conversions by a significant margin. If you must use it, make it look good and simple to solve.

Keet it simple

Don’t surround your forms with lots of information, maps, graphics or whatever. Keep your visitor focused on the task. Make the contact form page as uncluttered as possible.

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