1. The Project

We want to understand the project you’re bringing us and what you're trying to achieve. We'll be looking at your brand, value offer, product ladder, marketing, lead nurturing, sales, delivery and follow-up strategy.

2. The Problem

Below each project is an underlying business problem that required the project you're embarking on. We understand that you aren't just looking for marketing or a website.

3. The Solution

You want the problem (or problems) you’re facing to be eradicated. By understanding the solution and relating it to the problem behind your project, we’ll be better able to design and create the “bridge” that links the two together.

4. The Payoff

We only want to take on projects where what we produce yields a return-on-investment for our clients. We’ll briefly overview the goals so that we can determine whether the payoff will ultimately outweigh your costs.

Can anyone get this assessment—for free?

If you’re a musician or own a music related business, you’re probably in the right place. Here’s what we ask of you:

  • This project is not just a hobby—you’re either making your living from it or intend to very soon.
  • You have a real problem you need to solve. If you don’t solve it your music project won’t succeed, or it won’t grow the way you want it to.
  • You have courage. To get value from something you have to have the courage to act on it. If you’re just kicking tires, don’t waste your time. Or ours.

Free? So what’s the catch?

There’s none. By doing this we get the chance to impress you so much you’ll recommend us to your friends. We won’t pressure you or ask you to buy stuff. If you’re really impressed we will ask for a testimonial—that’s it.

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