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We offer Web Design and Development

Rising to the top is easier when you have the right team.

We are a complemented
and professional team.

We stand by our work ethic. We believe in the importance of personalized attention and dedication to our clients. We are commited to design and we create solutions that improve the communication of entrepreneurs' start-ups and companies.

How we work

We work with Scrum, an agile methodology for project management. That means our team is always communicated and open minded during development. And speaking of the team, let's introduce ourselves...

Photo of Ivan Duch
Ivan Duch
CEO & Co-Founder

creative | multifaceted | nerd

Photo of Maite Barberis
Maite Barberis
CCO & Co-Founder

publicist | vegan | perfectionist

Photo of Ladislav Prusenovsky
Ladislav Prusenovsky
Lead Developer

    digital nomad | good for maths | diligent

Photo of Jesus Lugo
Jesus Lugo
Lead Developer

band conductor | father | jedi coder

Photo of Sheenal Jain
Sheenal Jain

    spiritual | smart | great eye for details

Photo of Encel Sanchez
Encel Sanchez
Back-End Developer

techie | professional | bitcoin lover

Photo of Andrejka
Andrejka Arce

nomad | inspired

Photo of Gabriella Bevilacqua
Gabriella Bevilacqua

artist | visual | colorful

Photo of Miguel Camacho
Miguel Camacho

adventurer | design athlete | funny

Photo of Anton Filippov
Anton Filippov
Front-End Developer

young | daring | rocker

Photo of Julieta Levin
Julieta Levin

anxious | curious | exigent

Photo of Santiago Linietsky
Santiago Linietsky
Music Producer

    musical | talented | game of thrones fan

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